Wallet Connect

With WalletConnect, you can use G.U. Smart Wallet to establish a connection between the G.U. Smart Wallet and the Dapps (Web3 Apps).

  • The QR Code which is initiated in the dapp upon choosing the option to connect using WalletConnect should be approved before starting a session.

  • After approving the connection, the dapp can send transaction requests and other call requests that need to be manually approved by you from the G.U. Smart Wallet.

  • To connect G.U. Smart Wallet to Dapps using WalletConnect, here is an example connection in OpenSea (https://opensea.io/)

Go to https://opensea.io/. Click on the Account icon. Choose “Profile”.

You will be given options to connect to the wallet using different methods. Choose the “WalletConnect” option.

The OpenSea WalletConnect QR Code will be displayed. When LG.U. Smart Wallet detects the QR Code, the G.U. Smart Wallet dialog for starting to connect using WalletConnect will be displayed. Click “Start Connect” button.

“Connect to WalletConnect” will be displayed.

In order to connect to the Dapps, G.U. Smart Wallet will give you two options:

  • Copy the WalletConnect URL using “Copy to clipboard” in the bottom of the QR Code and paste in the G.U. Smart Wallet “WC URL” input field. (Proceed to Step #4)

  • Scan the QR Code displayed on the screen;

1. Click the “Scan QR Code” button. The “Scan QR Code” modal will be displayed.

2. Click on the “Select QR Scanner” to show list of options to scan the QR Code. From the list of QR scanner, choose “Scan via G.U. Smart Wallet”

3. Select what screen to share. After choosing, click “Share” button.

4. The “WalletConnect URL” value will be displayed automatically in the input field of the G.U. Smart Wallet dialog. Click the Right icon button in the input field to proceed with the WalletConnect connection.

5. G.U. Smart Wallet confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click “Approve” button to allow connection.

6. Your wallet account is now connected to the dapps using WalletConnect.

  • To terminate the session, click the Account Name and click “Remove from Whitelist” button.

  • WalletConnect is secure since it establishes a secure (encrypted) connection, with your approval between the G.U. Smart Wallet and the dapps chosen. It also requests approval from you for any transactions and other call requests from the dapps.

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